What is the intention behind Earth to Source?

Earth to Source is a blog dedicated to exploring the various philosophies, spiritualities, thoughts, and concepts that have emerged as a result of human consciousness. The aim of this blog is to disseminate information to those who have opened their minds enough to appreciate the beauty of diversity of thought. The author of this blog seeks to prompt his readers towards an unrestricted exploration of whatever true reality may be. Within these parameters, the author wishes to explore various concepts that affect the human condition and the current state that we collectively find ourselves in. The goal of this blog is to make sense of the human experience — as general and as far-ranging as that may be.

The goal of this blog is to make sense of the human experience — as general and as far-ranging as that may be.

The name of this blog captures the author’s intentions of what this space looks like. Each of us is here, after having been incarnated on Earth from the meeting of sperm and egg — the lottery of birth. From this lottery of birth, whether by divine reason or by random chance, each journeys through life to find their way back to Source. Whether this is a reunion with Source (what others may call God, Brahman, the Creator, Light, Pure Bliss, etc.) or whether this is a return to the nature from which each of us came — the stars, the dirt, the trillions of cells which compose our very being — all humans share the common experience of life and nescience of what happens next, and all humans share the same fate: mortality of this physical vessel.

It is possible that the carbon-based lifeforms that make our physical nature are disintegrated into their individual elements until one day they create something new. It is possible that once our physical bodies wither away, our spiritual cores transcend to illumined dimensions of existence. To clarify, the author of this blog is agnostic in every sense of the word. The author holds the view that ultimate reality is most likely unable to be comprehended by humans’ current state of consciousness. Because of this, the author does not cling to committing to belief in the existence or the nonexistence of any such reality. 

While the author believes that ultimate reality may not be understood through ordinary states of consciousness, that does not mean he believes other states of consciousness fail to yield experiences of the Divine — as subjective and personal as those experiences may be. 

In full disclosure, the author of this blog remains spiritual despite having agnostic beliefs about the nature of reality. While some may view this as being dissonant, agnosticism is simply the belief that humans lack the reasoning to provide sufficient grounds to prove or disprove a higher power.

The author of this blog fully agrees with agnosticism’s stance that humans lack the reasoning to prove or disprove a higher power, but he does believe the human creation to possess the ability to experience altered states or “divine happenings” that transcend rationality. For this reason, the author of this blog is a self-declared spiritual agnostic. This identity will bleed through the musings on these pages.

Earth to Source is dedicated to exploring the various ideas and frameworks that have shaped human thought and molded human experience since our species acquired self-awareness and the capability to understand itself in relation to the universe. This blog is also dedicated to sharing the author’s research with the world. Building knowledge is one of the author’s main fascinations with life, so this space is also used as a journal to share the interesting things that he researches. 

Earth to Source is dedicated towards exploring the various ideas and frameworks that have shaped human thought and molded human experience since our species acquired self-awareness and the capability to understand itself in relation to the universe.

The intention behind this space is to syncretize a collection of ideas that the author is interested in disseminating to the world. The author of this blog is a firm believer in learning as much as one can about the human condition and the limitless range of human experience. He has a strong desire to understand the different shapes and forms that human consciousness (and consciousness in general) can take.

The goal of philosophy is to seek answers to fundamental questions regarding human nature and the cosmos that we are part of. In creating this space, the author hopes to inspire others to become interested in the fascinating questions that pervade our very existence.

Join me as I explore various subjects encompassing a wide variety of topics such as religion and rationality, ethics and morality, plant medicine and spirituality. Potential subjects under discussion include transpersonal psychology, the meeting of Eastern and Western philosophies, environmentalism and green policy, psychedelics decriminalization, linguistic relativity, queer love poetry, veganism and animal rights, esoteric texts and their teachings, tea recipes, book recommendations, alternative medicine, insights from world travel, revelations from the Universe, human rights, trip reports, self-development, mysticism, Jungian archetypes, consciousness studies, progressive politics, Mother Gaia, Ram Dass, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Alan Watts, Terrence McKenna, and much, much more. The possibilities, just like the range of human experience, are seemingly limitless.

I imagine my audience directed towards a multitude of peoples: academic hippies, environmentalists interested in ecofeminism, queer folk who enjoy reciting transcendentalist poetry, eco-conscious Subaru-owning PCT-hiking backpackers endorsing earthing, plant-based yogis calling the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville home, breath-work practitioners, Gnostic Christians, psychedelic therapists, societal dropouts, unconventional thinkers, those humans who held the “make love, not war” signs during the American counter-culture movement of the 1960s, ecstatic dancers who move synchronously to the electronic music of Jon Hopkins, men who understand their dual nature by embracing their inherent feminine polarity whilst educating themselves on the dangers of uncontrolled patriarchy and gender inequality, and psychonauts enjoying the trip of a life we have the luxury of experiencing in human form. 

As someone who strongly believes each person should make a consistent effort to understand what they do not know, one disclaimer is that I do not necessarily promote or believe everything that I research and write about. An inquisitive and open mind is needed to traverse the current landscape many of our cultures have cultivated and, consequently, arrived at. With that said, the articles I post here are meant to prompt further discussion, thought, insight, and curiosity.

Question everything and be comfortable with ambiguity. Each of us are byproducts of the cultures and societies that we are born into. It’s time for humanity to accept the fact that each of our identities, perceptions, and lived experiences has equal validity. It’s my task to unravel this beautifully complex human experience.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Peace be with you. I love you.

Tat tvam asi,